August 2018

  • James Briscoe attending Santa Cruz Developmental Biology 2018, Santa Cruz, California. August 11-15

SCDB 2018

July 2018

  • James Briscoe speaking at Euro Evo Devo, Galway, Ireland


June 2018

  • We’re recruiting a post-doc with bioengineering experience

Job Advert

May 2018

  • James Briscoe speaking at Morphogens on the Move, College de France May 15-17

Morphogens on the Move

April 2018

  • James Briscoe and Edgar Herrera Delgado attending European Lcg-Unam symposium 2018 in Paris, April 20

LCG-UNAM symposium

  • James Briscoe, Lorena Garcia-Perez, Edgar Herrera Delgado and Vicki Metzis at BSDB 2018.


March 2018

  • James Briscoe appointed next Editor-in-Chief of Development.

Editorial announcement

  • Ruben Perez’s dynamics systems analysis of the AC-DC circuit published in Cell Systems.

Cell Systems

February 2018

  • Edgar Herrera’s paper on using Zwanzig-Mori projections for the analysis of gene regulatory networks published in PLoS Computational Biology

PLoS Computational Biology

  • Deconstructing Patterns exhibition opens at the Crick with images and content from Katherine Exelby:

Exhibition website

January 2018

  • Andreas and Julien’s collaboration with the Novitch lab is published. Single cell transcriptomics and the gene regulatory mechanisms of motor neuron differentiation available as a preprint:

PLoS Biology

December 2017

  • Preprint by Vicki and Edvinas in collaboration with Sebastian from Nick Luscombe’s group, using genomics to investigate the formation of the spinal cord:


  • Israel. December 4-6

– Ben Gurion University. Jacques Loeb Centre. Genomic Regulation: Experiments, Computational Modeling and Philosophy. December 4-5

– Weismann Institute. December 6


November 2017

  • EDEV 2017, EPFL, Lausane Switzerland November 13-14.


  • Morphogenetic Engineering. Barcelona Biomed Conference. November 27 -29.


October 2017

  • Teaching on the Gene Regulatory Networks for Development at Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Mass October 16-20.
  • Link


  • James Briscoe at 8th IFM colloquium – “(Re)Constructing the nervous system : Stem cells and beyond”. Paris, France October 6.


September 2017

  • Edgar Herrara presents his work at the EMBO workshop on Dynamics of Living Systems. Cargèse, France. September 25 – September 29


  • James Briscoe talk at Banff workshop in Oaxaca, Mexico. Monday September 11 – September 15.


August 2017

  • Two new preprints from the lab. Ruben Perez performs a dynamical systems dissection of the AC-DC network motif and Edgar Herrera adapts Zwanzig-Mori projections for transcriptional network analysis.

Perez-Carrasco et al

Herrera-Delgado et al

July 2017

  • What is the future of developmental biology? Views from several people in the field:


June 2017

  • Anna Kicheva and collaborator’s paper on decoding antiparallel morphogen gradients in the neural tube:


  • James Briscoe talk at ISDB 2017, Singapore 18 June, 3pm. Katherine Exelby Poster 73 in poster session 2, Monday 19 June


  • James Briscoe, Vicki Metzis and Tom Watson at Developmental Biology Gordon Conference, June 25-30, 2017


May 2017

  • Mina Gouti and Julien Delile together with collaborators from Val Wilson’s lab paper on single cell transcriptome analysis and reconstructing the gene regulatory network of neuromesodermal progenitors:


  • Anna Kicheva and I discuss the influence and legacy of D’Arcy Thompson in the centenary year of On Growth And Form:


April 2017

  • James Briscoe talk at Stowers Institute, Kansas City. Wednesday 26 April | Noon
  • James Briscoe seminar. Munzer Auditorium, Beckman Bldg. Stanford. Friday April 28 | 12:30 PM -1:30 PM

March 2017

    • Andreas’s review of morphogen gradient interpretation available.


    • James Briscoe attending Modelling of Tissue Growth and Form. MBI, Columbus, Ohio.


February 2017

    • James Briscoe giving a Stem Cells @ lunch seminar at Kings College, London.


January 2017

    • Andreas, Julien et al’s work on single cell transcriptomics and the gene regulatory mechanisms of motor neuron differentiation available as a preprint:


  • Manuela Melchionda joins the lab as a new Laboratory Research Scientist

December 2016

  • Lab move! First day in the Crick Lab, Midland Road: Monday 12 December

November 2016

  • James Briscoe talk at 30-year anniversary symposium of Institute of Molecular Biology Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan. Thursday 17 November, 9.30am
  • James Briscoe seminar. Hong Kong University, School of Biomedical Sciences. Monday 14 November, 4pm
  • Official opening of The Francis Crick Institute. November 9. News story.

October 2016

  • Ruben Perez’s paper on how noise alters the dynamics of morphogen-controlled bistable genetic switch is published: Perez et al
  • Vicki Metzis talk: ComBio, Brisbane. Tuesday 4 October, Symposium 8, 4pm

September 2016

  • James Briscoe seminar: Columbia University, Centre for Motor Neuron Biology and Disease : Friday 30 September, 11am
  • James Briscoe seminar: Mount Sinai, New York, Department of Developmental and Regenerative Biology : Thursday 29 September, Noon, Anbg. 25-51, Conference Rm
  • We’re recruiting a new Laboratory Research Scientist (Research Assistant). Advert and details here.
  • James Briscoe seminar, University of Geneva: Tuesday 20 September
  • James Briscoe seminar, IST, Vienna: Monday 12 September

August 2016

  • James Briscoe at SDB 2016: 8.30am Sunday 7 August


July 2016

Aysu Uygur discusses scaling of neural tube pattern: Link
Chris Demers talks about the potential of microfluidics in developmental biology: Link
Katherine Exelby and Vicki Metzis summarise the recent Young Embryonic Network meeting: Link

  • James Briscoe at FENS 2016: Symposium S20. 9.45am Monday 4 July


June 2016

  • Chris Demer’s microfluidic devices for in vitro mimicking of morphogen gradients published in Development:


May 2016

  • Ruben Perez’s work on noise altering the dynamics of a morphogen-controlled bistable genetic switch is available as a preprint:


  • Mina Gouti starts her group at the MDC, Berlin

News item

April 2016

  • James Briscoe visit to Los Angeles

Thursday 7 April – UCLA,  JCCC/BSCRC Seminar
Seminar Website

Tuesday 12 April – 14 April – UC Irvine, Sackler Colloquia
Gene Regulatory Networks and Network Models in Development and Evolution
Conference Website

March 2016

  • Eva Kutejova’s paper on how the neural tube transcriptional network allow neural progenitors to adopt specific identities published

Kutejova et al

                                          • Julien Delile and Andreas Sagner present at Single Cell Biology, Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, UK 8-10 March

Conference website

February 2016

                                                                            • James Briscoe visit to India, supported by EMBO

Monday 1 Feb – Mumbai,  Tata institute of Fundamental Research
Tuesday 2 Feb- Bangalore, NCBS
Wednesday 3 Feb – Delhi, ICGEB
Friday 5 Feb – Pune, IISER
Monday 8 Feb – Mohali , IISER
India-EMBO Partnership Symposium

Blog post about the trip on The Node

January 2016

                                                                            • Teresa Rayon joins us as an EMBO fellowship post-doc following her PhD in Madrid with Miguel Manzanares.

December 2015

November 2015